Water Meter Box

Meter box black

Water Meter Box

  • Material of construction: PP.
  • > Colour: Black/Blue
  • Dimensions: 290 L x240 W x 175 H (Internal Dimension).
  • Strength: Box should withstand 100kg static load for 1 hr.
  • Shape: Rectangular.
  • Inlet & Outlet opening: from ½’’ to 1’’
  • Locking: with self-locking facility, extra locking provision on top
  • Load bearing capacity - 100kg for 1 hr
Meter box blue

Water Meter Protection Box

Water is essential for everyone to live. With a growing population and deteriorating environment; water is becoming scarce in many parts of the world. That's where the use of a water meter comes from. It is used to measure how much water you are using daily.

Why is a Water Meter Protect Box important?

When you are using a water meter, it is essential to get as accurate readings as possible. But the changing weather may affect the accuracy of the water meter. That's why using a water meter protection box can help you out.

To avoid inaccuracy in your water meter readings, using a protection box will be a waiver option.

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