Integrated saddle

Integrated saddle : importance and usage

integrated saddle
integrated saddle

    What are Saddles?

    In new structures, saddles are employed as an economical substitute to tee fittings and welded-on bosses. There are mainly two varieties of saddles. Such as

  • Composite saddle
  • Ductile iron saddle

Ductile iron saddle

The ductile iron saddle can be set anywhere in the pipe barrels without any cutting. So it is yearned to employ in various circumstances for savings of time as well as money. Commonly, the substance of building for a ductile iron saddle is Ductile iron SGI 400/12. The rubber bush and D washer are built up of NBR and HDPE / Nylon, respectively. The diameter of the clasp size for the pipe fluctuates between 80mm to 250mm. The pressure mark is PN16.

Composite saddle

As it regulates pressure, the saddle requires it to be strong. Composite saddles are more prudent due to their stability. Also, conserving the economy in consideration, a hybrid harness is expensive.

The substance employed by the Integrated Saddle Manufacturing Company in India for the building is HDPE. The rubber bush is composed of NBR. The washer is composed of HDPE or nylon. Set, strap and hangers are composed of SS304.

Despite the discrepancies in structure substances, the pressure rating is the similarity between the two varieties of saddles.

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Qualitative raw material

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Reasonable price

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