Functional Household Tap Connections


Why are well-maintained functional household tap connections so important?

    A leak proof and reliable connection between the tap and the overhead tank of water supply is a "functional household tap connection." The advantages of employing Functional household tap connection products by FHTC Product Manufacturer in India such as Kaizen Engineering and how they differ from a rigid connection will be discussed in greater detail below.

What are functional household tap connections?

A rural household with a Functional Household Tap Connection (FHTC) has a permanent connection to a water main that supplies potable water at or above the required level of quality. It provides at least 55 litres of drinkable water per person, per day, 365 days a year, to a family. By 2024, the Indian government's Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM) aims to have installed a functional household tap connection for every rural household in the country.

Why is it important to have working tap connections in the home?

The following are some of the many advantages of installing FHTC functional household tap connections:

• Using a functional household tap connection by FHTC Product Manufacturer in India such as Kaizen Engineering helps prevent leaks, which is one of the key benefits of employing such a connection. The connector's flexibility reduces the likelihood of breaking or leaking over time, protecting against costly water damage.

• Providing some wiggle room and flexibility, a functional household tap connection can lessen the strain on the sink's piping. Wear and tear can be reduced or eliminated with this measure.

• The rigid connector installation process is more complicated than the functional household tap connection installation process. The connector's adaptability means it may be positioned precisely where needed, reducing time spent on installation.

• Maintaining a flexible connector is more difficult than maintaining a rigid household tap connection by FHTC Product Manufacturer in India such as Kaizen Engineering. The connector's adaptability facilitates cleaning and replacement in the event of damage or wear.

How does a flexible tap connector differ from a rigid one?

The adaptability of a flexible tap connector is what sets it apart from a rigid one. Rigid connectors are unyielding because they are fabricated from solid materials like copper or PVC. Once the tap is installed, it cannot be removed or altered. In contrast, the stainless-steel hose used to make functional domestic tap connections may bend and swivel as needed.

The materials utilised to construct the two varieties of connectors are another point of differentiation between them. FHTC Functional household tap connections by FHTC Product Manufacturer in India such as Kaizen Engineering are made of a stainless-steel hose with threaded connectors at each end, whereas rigid connectors are often made of copper or PVC.

Connecting working faucets in private residences

Installing a fully functional household tap connection usually takes a few minutes. The water supply must be shut off first. After that, detach the old connector from the tap and the water supply to get rid of it. The next step is to connect the fixture and the water supply using the threaded connectors of the FHTC Functional household tap connections. Last, you must reconnect the water supply and check for leaks.


FHTC Product Manufacturer in India makes high-quality, easy-to-install and maintain household tap connectors. It can help avoid leaks, ease the tap and plumbing stress, and simplify installation and maintenance by allowing for some wiggle room.