Electrofusion Saddle

ElectroFusion Saddle

What is an ElectroFusion Saddle?

Pipes of different materials are inserted, and joints use some electrical hitting methods. ElectroFusion Saddle is one type of Electro Fusion Fittings.

It is made up of HDPE materials. The insert of the products is from SS304/ Brass. The terminal pin is made up of brass. The pressure rating of an ElectroFusion Saddle is about PN 16. The diameter of the saddle size varies between 90mm to 200mm. The outlet size of the saddle is ½", ¾" and 1".

There are so many ElectroFusion Saddle Manufacturers in India who manufacture the same products. But what makes Kaizen Engineering unique and attractive is its dedication to fulfilling the customer's needs and requirements.

Why should you choose to buy from Kaizen Engineering?

- A proper process is followed:

output. Kaizen Engineering, as ElectroFusion Saddle Manufacturers in India, follows the exact process to manufacture the saddles and ensure higher quality materials. That's why you should choose to buy from us.

- Raw materials are of good quality:

Quality of the raw materials is another critical factor that Kaizen Engineering always focuses on. It is evident that with lower quality raw materials, higher quality products can not be manufactured. That's why we pay attention to the quality of the raw materials we use. It increases the possibility of getting higher quality products in our output.

- Our products stay long with you:

As this product is used for joining two pipes, so this needs to be durable. Because a joint determines the structure. So if the joint will not last long, the system can not. Keeping this in mind, Kaizen Engineering does everything it requires to make the ElectroFusion Saddles last long.
We not only focus upon the quality of the raw materials or maintaining the proper process; instead, we focus on everything it requires to satisfy our customers with our products.

- Price is lower than the average market price:

Although we try to give you the best quality products to the level we can, we never charge more. Instead, we want our products to reach everyone who needs them. That's why we keep our prices reasonable and affordable for everyone.
Our main aim is to get positive responses from our customers and their satisfaction. We focus on that above everything else.

- Safe packaging:

We ensure the products remain safe till it reaches you. That's why we pack your products with multiple covers, using quality packaging materials. Also, we focus on how it can get you faster.
You can also return the products if you do not like it, or it gets damaged somehow. We respect your decision.


Kaizen Engineering stands out among all its competitors due to the dedication and hard work we put into the process. For the last three years, we have been working hard to provide our customers with the best experiences from us. And we are getting so many positive responses too. Now it's your turn to choose what will work for you. Make smarter choices!