Ball Valve


Ball valve : how they work

    UPVC Ball valve implied for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride Ball Valve. It is employed to govern the flow. Ball valve manufacturers in India design a metal ball to get this ball valve with a borehole through the center, sandwiched between two seats. In this manner, a Ball valve is employed to regulate any pressure created from the flow. Although UPVC Ball valves can regulate any flow, low-flow conditions are usually selected because it has been verified to be helpful.

Features and manufacturing

  • The body of the UPVC Ball valve is rendered from polypropylene by the Ball valve manufacturers in India.

  • The clip ring is created by acrylic wax, shaft, ball, knob, and flange are made up of UPVC.

  • The pressure point is PN16.

  • The size of the outlet is ½" of the female UPVC Ball valve.

  • But the size of the outlet is 20mm.

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    A ball valve is a flow control device that uses a hollow, perforated, and swinging force to control the fluid flowing through it. The handle is aligned with the flow at the time of opening and perpendicular to it at the time of closing so that the position of the valve is easily secured. The shut position can be 1/4 turn clockwise or counterclockwise. Nearly all UPVC Ball valve Manufacturers in India manufacture top-quality products. But as the product is perceived to be under pressure, it requires to be strong to stay extended. We focus on the type of materials we employ to Manufacture the valves and accordingly find out the stability. We care for your time. Kaizen Engineering often concentrates on quick delivery.


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