Flow Control Valve


Flow Control Valve

  • Size - 1/2'', 3/4'', 1''
  • LPM (Litre Per Meter) - 5,10,15,20
  • Material of construction - SS304/316, Brass
  • Works on Float concept
  • Certification - FCRI approved

What is Flow Control Valve?

Flow control valves respond to signals generated independently from flow meters or temperature gauges. This flow control valve is used to control the flow or pressure of a fluid.

Where is it used?

Flow control valves are used in a variety of situations. In process plants, various loops are connected to produce the desired product, and each circle is designed in such a way to keep different variables like pressure, temperature, flow, level in a range. That's where the flow control valve can be used.
There are so many Flow control valve Manufacturers in India who produce right quality control valves, but Kaizen Engineering stands out.

In the process industries, the most common final element of control is flow control valves. This manipulates the flowing fluid, and that fluid can be gas, steam, water or any chemical compounds. To compensate for the load disturbances, the flow control valve is used. The entire product generally works upon the float concept.

Why should you use Flow Control Valve from Kaizen Engineering?

Durable products:

As mentioned earlier, a flow control valve is used to control the flow of pressure. So when a product is holding the pressure of a flow, it is more likely to get damaged soon. As Flow Control Valve Manufacturers in India, try to manufacture products from right quality materials to stay long. The materials used to manufacture flow control valves should be durable and fresh so that it won't go for wear and tear sooner. We specifically use SS304/316, Brass for manufacturing of flow control valves.
Kaizen Engineering focuses more on customers' needs and satisfaction. So we do not use any business formulae; instead, we try to create durable and qualitative products for you.

Less price than the market:

As customer satisfaction is our motto, so reaching out to every kind of customer is our aim. That's why we keep our prices as low as possible, less than the average market price almost all the time.
Reasonable price makes our products available to every group of society without any hindrances.

We respect your time:

As you have decided to buy from us, we will never let you down with our delivery timing. We always focus on shipping your products as soon as possible and trying to reach you more shortly.
You will get your order either before the expected time or on the same date, but it will never go beyond the date except for some unavoidable reasons.

Certified products:

Kaizen Engineering provides products that are certified by some professional institutions. For example, the flow control valves that we are manufacturing and selling are approved by FCRI.


You should be aware of your needs and requirements before buying any products. So before choosing flow control valves, research more about it.
We assure you of quality and commitment at the same time. Now it is your turn to decide whether to buy from us. Make smarter choices because it will affect you.